BMO Private Wealth Management


Private Wealth Management Video

Produced for:  Michel Viau - Ove Brand | Design, Toronto (A Publicis Worldwide Company)

Stan Olthuis: Creative Producer, Associate CD and Film Director

Brian T. Moore: Camera and Senior Editor

Andrew MacDonald: DOP

Original Musical Score: Sandra Chechik

Sound: Blue Sound and Music

Copywriter: Doug Dolan


Toronto Eaton Centre - Urban Eatery 

Ove Brand | Design asked me to help out as associate creative director with the look and feel of the materials that promote an exiting new food court called the Urban Eatery. The campaign expanded to include video production and an installation of 18 monitors on one 75' mural-bearing wall. Helios Design Labs collaborated on print visuals.


World Wildlife Fund Gala Video Performance


A live HD projection mapping performance projecting on 10 panels from 3 projectors immersing 450 people into a powerful visual experience. Event: the WWF Fundraising event in the Four Seasons Hotel,Toronto. Theme: Water - Endangered Species - Climate Change. Creative Producer: Stan Olthuis (Verdunk) with Brian T. Moore performing (Mustard Shop) Alex Bennett, Connor Olthuis editing. Software is Touch Designer by Derivative. 




An Award: with Juniper Park 

Juniper Park won the business to rebrand the Chicago Tribune during the tough times newspapers are facing in North America. They came to Stan to find an unusual style of collage and painterly effect to illustrate the multi-media campaign. Tad Biernot got the nod due to his skills in mixed media, graphic design experience and fine-art oil painting background. Tad used all the Chicago Tribune newpapers we could find to create the large format artworks. We're honoured to have been a part of the process that won JP the Applied Arts award in the Transit AD Campaign category.


Brock University Ad Campaign - Print, Outdoor, and Cinema 

The Job:

To find multiple illustration and photography styles to suit more than 20 concepts for a major campaign Brock University. Resulting images reproduce in print, outdoor, and cinema.

What Stan did:

At the request of Randy Diplock, writer/film director/CD, Stan partnered with him to find the best talent for each concept including creating new teams to collaborate on productions. Great concepts, hands-on project management and a tight team created a final product that Brock University is very proud to put into market.


Artis - Corporate Sales Tool

The Job:

Artis, a Toronto based marketing-communications firm, they wanted a clever promotional door opener aimed at top level decision makers. They wanted prospective clients to understand them as a marketing firm that was resourceful and capable of offering more than what was visible at first glance.

What Stan did:
Creative concept of Trojan Horse as coin, sourcing and creative direction of sculptor (Ludzer Vandermoelen), budgeting and management of multiple unit bronze casting and container production.


Trius - Consumer Magazine Campaign


What Stan Did: Illustration, Art Direction, Project Producer, Photography Manager, Print Producer

Stan painted the series of 3 initial illustrations that branded a premier line of wines for Peller Estates. Although the concept alludes to the possibility that the image would have been created by accidentally  spilled wine and a cork it wasn't expected that the actual paintings would actually be done in that manner. After experimenting in the studio he found that by actually using a wine cork the result was completely unique. Not an easy technique but an effective own-able outcome. The style and positioning called for a bigger 'roll-out' and Stan became instrumentally involved in the concept process as the campaign developed and many new paintings followed. Resulting campaign has created a solid identity for the brand under the ‘Art of Red’ theme and the illustrations have permeated every aspect of marketing the brand. Concept and Creative Direction: Leif Nielsen.


Trius - Logo Illustration and Application

The Job:

A request by the agency Creative Director to 'explore other ways' of using the unique painting style resulted in creating a new logo off shoot. This illustration treatment has since been applied to numerous print initiatives including packaging as a branding unit for Trius Wine.


Hillebrand Wines - Poster, Consumer Ads, T-Shirt Multi-Purpose

The Job:

Hillebrand Wine annually hosts two music festivals at it’s winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Young & Rubicam Toronto sought to create an unforgettable image that would link music and wine and provide ownership with an iconic image. Concept and art direction: Leif Nielsen.

What Stan did:
Creative direction and project management: presented to the agency a method of creating the image as real-to-life as though the wine poured out of the bottle and magically created an expressive saxophone.  Selecting the perfect team of photographer Jean Desjardins and digital artist Bill Bart to combine talents that created a final image from hundreds of shots but that appears as though it is a freeze frame of a natural event.

The image has become the icon of the Hillebrand festival and continues to be successfully run in multiple levels of media.


Renascent - Fundraising Campaign Materials - Pro Bono

The Job:

Renascent is an organization that rehabilitates victims of substance dependence. Realizing that families were often left to fend for themselves while the bread winner was in the rehab program Renascent embarked on plans to build a bricks and mortar facility staffed with health professionals to care for these families at risk.

What Stan did:

As the artist Stan created illustrations for the fundraising materials under the creative direction of Paul Cade and Alan Kazmer.


ABSOLUT Vodka - Limited Edition Bottle

The Job:

To create a unique Limited Edition Bottle for Vancouver, B.C.

ABSOLUT Vodka has a long history of collaborating with artists around the world, each bringing a unique flavour to the partnership. A short list of cities have received the honour of having an ABSOLUT bottle designed to hilite their specific culture.

BSTREET Communications engaged Stan as Art Consultant to source the most fitting west coast artist to design a limited-edition bottle for ABSOLUT VANCOUVER  

What Stan did: After ‘throwing a net’ over the province of BC and evaluating a broad spectrum of both celebrated and unknown artists working in many disciplines he prepared a 'short list' package and recommendation. BSTREET and their client agreed with the recommended Douglas Fraser, an iconic Canadian artist. Stan then teamed with the agency to manage the art portion of the project.


The Pilot Tavern - 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Poster

The Job:

This was a concept that Vince McIndoe and Stan presented as an opportunity to the Pilot Tavern.

The Pilot Tavern, an iconic Toronto establishment, was set to mark 20 years in business. The managing parters (all 7 of them) loved the concept of creating a collectible limited edition poster from an original oil painting. Known worldwide for his unique 'Belle Epoche' style Vince McIndoe’s had the perfect feel create a poster image for the WWII bomber pilot poster. We conducted a talent casting session to find just the right model but in the end chose a Pilot Tavern employee who had the perfect heroic features Vince was looking for.

What Stan Did:
Marketing concept presentation, account direction, budget management,  creative project coordination, and print production.


Xpressions Inc - Mobile App Logo Design


The Job:

With the success of the CarFinder mobile app Xpressions Inc developed more apps and requested our help.

What Stan Did:

Recommended a graphic designer who was able to design and illustrate all the components. Creative direction, project management, account director.


Evil Dead The Musical - Theatre Poster/Ad Campaign

Evil Dead the Musical:

Saatchi contracted Stan to work with their creative team to produce a series of posters. The challenge was to assemble a team of artists who could pool the necessary talent to deliver a spoof of sertain broadway playbills. Bringing a team of photographers, illustrators, lettering designers, an actor and theatrical makeup artist the job was completed. The result was to create highly visible images promoting the newly mounted show. The results exceeded all expectations and garnered much praise for the high level of artistic value. Poster collectivity, active blogging and viral activity was especially active… all very beneficial to the increased success of the play.


Peller Estates - Hillebrand Artisan Event Poster

The Job: find an artist to illustrate the concept of a wine bottle as paint tube to appear on a poster for a Peller Estate Winery Artisan Event.

What Stan did:
The agency brief called for 2-D illustration. My thought, 'wouldn’t it be cool to actually roll up a glass bottle like an artist’s paint tube' started a search for a real method to do just that. Sourced a fearless creative glass blower and found Alfred who pulled off a batch of amazing versions using the wineries own bottles. No easy feat since wine glass isn’t made to be handled like this. Photographer Jean Desjardins did a great job shooting and digitally adding the label. Concept and art direction: Leif Nielsen.


Cougar Shoes - Packaging Design and Poster


What Stan Did: New Business Development, Executive Producer, AD, Concept, Client Services.

Rebranding, packaging, advertising, trade booth concept through to implementation.

A family company steeped in Canadian tradition came simply for help in providing a graphic designer to develop a new shoe box graphic. After 2 meetings the client agreed with an assessment that they needed to go much deeper and re-evaluate their brand image, consequently we developed a marketing strategy and began implementing the concept on a multitude of levels including packaging, display materials, international trade booth design and production, corporate ID, advertising and more.

Wholesalers, retailers and employees alike welcomed the refreshing new, current look that brought Cougar Shoes’ brand up in status. Paul Cade was the creative director, designer, and illustrator, Nicholas Austin handled strategic planning.


Cougar Shoes - Trade Show Booth and Packaging Design


Cougar Shoes Trade Show Booth Design


Trius Wine Club - Packaging Design

My Role: Creative Partner and Producer

Along with creative team of writer and creative director answered a request by client to create a unique on-shelf vehicle to encourage sales of memberships as gifts. Co-created, co-designed and produced a high-end package that effectively increased membership sales. Printed insert, clear container with cork backed gift label.


NAVTA Promotional Sales Kit - Concept, Design and Production

What Stan Did: New Business Development, Strategy, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Print Production

Joint venture partnership providing marketing, design and communications for Vietnamese Co.s  wishing to gain market share in North America.

Identified an opportunity when meeting founder of NAVTA who operates a manufacturing source company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Assembled a team of a strategic planner plus creative team. Developed a unique teaser/door opener promotion to assist NAVTA sales aimed at key decision makers in VN companies identified.

Team members: Wayne Twaits, Kurt Hagan, Leif Neilsen.