VQ CarFinder - Animated Video for Mobile App Launch on YouTube

The Job:

To launch a new mobile app that finds your car when you've forgotten where it was parked.

This is a good example of pulling together a team and working with a fun idea quickly create a video that clearly demonstrated the need and function of the app and had the potential to go viral. Oh yeah, the client, Xpressions Inc., had a restricted budget and no time. Where have you heard that before?

Stan presented to client the idea of producing mixed-media stop-action animation as the optimal approach... sourced animator and sound designer, provided budgeting, creative direction, and project management.

Bryce Hallett on animation and Matthew Reid for sound. Thanks!

btw the client's voice over on the animation is brilliant... and within budget!

The app is now the most downloaded Mileage Tracking app on BlackBerry App World.

The video has logged 17,667 hits as of Jan 20, 2011.

Have a look:

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